The Pentecostals of Englewood, FL

Pastor and Sister Dagan


The Pentecostals of Englewood, Florida, pastored by Daniel & DaVida Dagan, refinanced their church mortgage through the United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund in early 2013.  Since the Fund was able to lower their monthly payments, the congregation has been able to expand several ministries and outreach opportunities, and has seen some sixty souls won to the Lord.  Read Pastor Dagan's full testimony below:

"The United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund, under the leadership of Brother Stephen Drury, has been a tremendous blessing to us in advancing the work of God here in Englewood, Florida. We started our Home Mission church in the spring of 2003. Our first eight years of ministry was located in a store front, then, after looking at well over a hundred property/building options, we were able to purchase and complete a major renovation on the old Boys and Girls Club of Charlotte County. Presently, we are located in a great church building on the busiest four lane road in town. In early 2013, I begin to feel that it was time for me to take the step of faith and resign from Caterpillar, after 19 years of employment. I knew this would not be possible with the high interest rate and the high mortgage we were paying each month at the church. I contacted Bryan Barton, the loan underwriter for the UPC Loan Fund. He recommended we look at refinancing. 

We refinanced our complete church loan in March of 2013. This lowered our interest rate and monthly payment in a significant way. It also allowed me to make the move into “full time pastoring” in October of 2013. Since that time, I have been able to volunteer at the Charlotte County Jail, a 1,000 bed facility, and preach three services every week.  Several inmates and their loved ones have visited and are becoming involved in our church as a result. Through hard work, doors have opened for church members to begin working at the Homeless Shelter and Food Pantry every Monday as a continued witness in our community. Additionally, I have been honored to serve as a Chaplain for the local high school football team. The additional time has allowed me to write and start the Psalm 51 Group, a Restoration & Support Class, at church for those getting out of jail and those struggling with addictions in their lives.

All of this is a direct result of refinancing our church loan and the byproduct of me having additional time to work in the kingdom. Conservatively, sixty people have been filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus Name since we refinanced our church loan. I give God all the glory for what he is doing. The UPC Loan Fund is doing much more than just crunching numbers and pushing papers! They are helping pastors and churches fulfill the Great Commission by ensuring that the business side of the church is just as strong as the spiritual side of the church.  It is with great confidence that I would encourage investors to participate in one of the many viable investment tracts offered through the UPC Loan Fund. This will yield a much greater return then simply better interest rates. It will yield ~JESUS NAME~ Apostolic Revival!!!"

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