New Life Church, Cumberland, IN

New Life Church, Cumberland, IN
Submitted by Pastor Michael Faulk
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From the beginning of our first service in April 2013, God has had His hand on New Life Church. After approximately eighteen months into the church plant, we had a great group of people growing, but not enough space. We were at a crossroads and praying for the right direction. 
At the first General Conference we attended after our launch, a miracle began happening during the Global Missions service. We did not give a large amount, but we sacrificially gave all that we were able. A few weeks later, we received a call from a CPA in the Chicago area. He had a client based in Chicago that owned a duplex in Indianapolis. The client wanted to donate the property to a non-profit and asked if we would be interested. About a month later God put us in contact with a local farmer who agreed to sell us 4.44 acres on the corner of a well traveled road for a MIRACLE price of $30,000. The sale proceeds from the donated duplex became the seed money to purchase the 4.44 acres, which became the future home of New Life Church.
These preceding events became the catalyst that propelled us into our Church-In-A-Day project that took place during the 2016 General Conference in Indianapolis. Thanks to North American Missions, Church-In-A-Day, and financing with the UPCI Loan Fund, we were able to move from a dilapidated 100-year old building to a brand-new building with office, worship and classroom space. This has revolutionized our church, given us a voice of stability in our city, and has impacted countless lives. Here are a couple examples:
Jagger is a fifteen-year old young man who was witnessed to by a high school classmate. Although he came from a very tragic home life, he had a tender heart and God began to move. Jagger started attending New Life Church in the spring of 2018, was baptized in April and received the Holy Ghost in May. Today he is involved in our Worship Team and plays the drums regularly. 
Jan walked away from God as a young adult after being raised in a Pentecostal church. Ten months ago, she walked through the door of New Life Church and a few weeks later, God refilled her with the Holy Ghost. In January 2018, she committed to read her Bible through the B.R.E.A.D. Program and HAS NOT missed a day!
Had it not been for the investment of North American Missions, Church-In-A-Day, and the UPCI Loan Fund, we would not be where we are today. Today, our attendance has more than doubled from our pre-CIAD average. 
You may never meet Jagger or Jan, but they will thank you in eternity for the investment you made in their lives. 
For more information on New Life Church in the Cumberland/New Palestine, Indiana area, visit their website.