Living Waters, UPC of Inverness, FL

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Submitted by Pastor Kevin & First Lady Laura McGee

Living Waters was established in July of 2013. At that time, Pastor Kevin McGee purchased a piece of property which included an existing sanctuary and a small 1950s modular building. On September 1, 2013, with just 15 people in attendance, Living Waters held its first service. Since that first service, we have continued to be an expanding church, and have quickly out grown our two small classrooms and fellowship area.

When we turned to traditional financial institutions to fund a new building, it became apparent that our lack of financial history could hold us back from qualifying for a loan. For two years we continued to pursue traditional funding with three separate financial institutions — all of which, in the end, declined funding. Over the same time period, our Children’s and Youth departments grew to over 30 kids in attendance on Sunday mornings! So, we decided to take a stand in faith. We staked out an area for a Student Center and began to hold prayer meetings around it. Even though funding had not been secured, we continued with building plans and county requirements knowing God would make a way.

One day, a magazine from the United Pentecostal Church International came across my desk. On the back of the magazine was an advertisement for UPC Loan Fund. While I had heard of the UPC Loan Fund, I figured it was just like traditional banks. I considered calling, but after my three failed attempts, I hesitated. It took me six months to make the call. After calling and speaking with the Fund’s credit analyst, I immediately felt encouraged! I turned in the application and all the documents that were required for loan approval and we began the underwriting process. One week later, Bryan contacted me and told me we were all ready to move forward with financing. I was astonished! We had our funding within two months and we were ready to start construction on our Student Center.

With the funds in place, we could complete the building plans and order the metal building! On March 26th, 2018 our building will be delivered and we can begin construction! The new Student Center will be a 5600 square foot building. This will include a fellowship hall, three Sunday School classrooms, two offices and a 2nd floor dedicated specifically to our Youth Department.

In a situation that is already hard enough, the UPC Loan Fund made getting the funding quick and easy. From the day we turned in the application to the day of closing, they always made us feel like they wanted us to get the funding as much as we wanted it. When I need a draw for our project, I simply send in a request and the money is wired directly to the bank within a few days.

UPCLF has been an answer to our prayers. This ministry has made it possible for a young assembly to move forward in the Kingdom. Thank you to the wonderful staff of the UPC Loan Fund and all the investors! We are excited for what God has planned in Inverness, Florida!

For more information on Living Waters, visit their Facebook page.

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Architect's drawing of the new Student Center