Below is a list of the various forms and other resources that you might need that can also be found around the website.



Please visit our IRA custodian's website for forms concerning your retirement investment with the Church Loan Fund: 

Additional Contribution Form (Investment Direction) : Please note that this form must accompany EVERY IRA contribution. 



Coverdell ESA Investment Kit

Coverdell ESA Withdrawal Form



Individuals Application for Purchase UPC Loan Fund Certificate

Organization Application for Purchase UPC Loan Fund Certificate

Redemption Request Form

Kingdom Impact Account Redemption Request Form

Change in Beneficiary Form

Investor Name Change Authorization Form

Additional Deposit Form

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form


Offering Circulars


South Carolina

Investors from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin should contact our office to check if certificates are available and obtain a state specific Private Memorandum Offering Circular and Subscription Agreement.