Meet the Staff

The office management and staff of the Loan Fund are as follows:

Name Position
Stephen M. Drury President
Susanna L. Drury Investor Relations/Office Manager
Rebecca Rhoten-Batchelor Executive Secretary/Social Media
Kent Russell Marketing/Planned Giving


STEPHEN M. DRURY has served as a director and our President of the Board of Directors since inception. Since 2006, Mr. Drury has served as President of the Foundation and has served as Director of Stewardship for UPCI since 2002. Mr. Drury has also served as Chairman for the Church Aflame Institute, and as Director for Institutional Advancement at Urshan Graduate School of Theology, in each instance, a UPCI affiliated organization. Mr. Drury also serves on our Executive Committee, Loan Committee and Loan Delinquency Committee. Mr. Drury received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Apostolic Bible Institute.

May be reached at or 636.229.7976


SUSANNA L. DRURY has served as our Assistant Secretary for the Board of Directors since inception. She also serves as the Office Manager for the UPCI Stewardship Group, and is in charge of Investor Relations for the Fund.  As part of her duties, Susanna also handles administration and accounting related tasks for the Foundation. Prior to joining the UPCI Stewardship Group, Susanna handled billing, accounting and project related tasks for medical service providers, a law firm and a not-for-profit children’s ministry. Susanna received an Associates Degree from Itawamba Community College.

May be reached at or 636.229-7979

KENT RUSSELLhas served with the Stewardship Group since 2013 and as the Director of Planned Giving and Marketing since 2014. Prior to joining the Stewardship Group, Kent served as the Assistant Pastor of Family Life Worship Center in Bloomington, IN. He also previously served as the Director of Institutional Advancement of Urshan Graduate School of Theology. Kent received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Apostolic Bible Institute and a Bachelor of Organization Leadership from Greenville College.

May be reached at or 636.229.7981


REBECCA RHOTEN-BATCHELOR has served as administrative secretary for the UPCI Stewardship Group since January 2014.  She also handles the social media and the investor newsletter for the Fund.  Prior to joing the Stewardship Group, Rebecca served as a clerk for a license and title company and a circulation and processing clerk for a public library.  Rebecca received an Associates Degree in Business Management from Southwestern Illinois College in 2009 and is currently working on completing her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Marketing at Columbia College.

May be reached at or 636.229.7978