Meet the Staff

The office management and staff of the Loan Fund are as follows:

Name Position
Stephen M. Drury President/Director
Rebecca Rhoten-Batchelor Director of Marketing & Compliance
Amanda Cummings Administrative Assistant
Emily Russell Administrative Assistant
Rick Lovall Senior Loan Officer/Assistant Director
Kevin L. Prince Loan Fund Consultant


STEPHEN M. DRURY has served as a director and our President of the Board of Directors since inception. Since 2006, Mr. Drury has served as President of the Foundation and has served as Director of Stewardship for UPCI since 2002. Mr. Drury has also served as Chairman for the Church Aflame Institute, and as Director for Institutional Advancement at Urshan Graduate School of Theology, in each instance, a UPCI affiliated organization. Mr. Drury also serves on our Executive Committee, Loan Committee and Loan Delinquency Committee. Mr. Drury received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Apostolic Bible Institute.

May be reached at or 636.229.7976


AMANDA CUMMINGS has served as administrative assistant to Stephen Drury for the UPCI Stewardship Group since March 2018. She also handles administration and accounting related tasks for the Loan Fund and Foundation. Prior to joining the Stewardship Group, Amanda worked for eight years at Rabo AgriFinance where she worked post loan closing as a Customer Support Analyst. Her focus was to assist with account inquiries and reconciliation needs, as well as serve as a liaison between customers and loan officers. 

May be reached at or 636.229.7949


REBECCA RHOTEN-BATCHELOR has served as the Director of Marketing & Compliance since June 2021. She came on board in Janaury 2014 and has served in various roles as the Loan Fund has grown. Prior to joining the Stewardship Group, Rebecca clerked at a license and title company, and also worked in the non-profit world at the Cahokia Public Library for seven years prior to that. Rebecca received an Associates Degree in Business Management from Southwestern Illinois College in 2009. She and her husband, Andrew, have one son, Adrian.

May be reached at or 636.229.7978


EMILY RUSSELL joined the Loan Fund team in 2019 as Administrative Assistant to our Senior Loan Officer. She is a graduate of Urshan College with a degree in Organizational Leadership. She won the prestigious Sheaves for Christ Real McCoy Award in 2014 and 2015.  Emily originates from Muncie, Indiana. Emily and her husband, Jared, are recently married (October 2020) and live in the St. Louis area. Emily assists with Loan Portfolio maintanence and client relations.

May be reached at or 636.229.7974


RICK LOVALL became the Loan Fund's Senior Loan Officer & Assistant Stewardship Director in July 2019. He previously served as a part-time Loan Consultant before transitioning to full-time. He has a degree in Banking from the Barret School of Banking at Christian Brothers University, as well as over 15 years of experience in banking and commercial lending. He and his wife, Kelby, have two sons, Easton and Parker.

May be reached at or 636.229.7947


KEVIN L. PRINCE became a Consultant for the Loan Fund in September 2019. Prior to joining the team, Kevin founded and ran his own business, as well as held many ministerial positions including Pastor, Sectional NAM Director, Section Secretary, Section Presbyter, District Secretary, and District Superintendent. He is based out of Huntington, TX and is available to serve UPCI churches and members throughout Texas, Louisiana, and beyond. 

May be reached at or 903.830.5212