About United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund

The United Pentecostal Church Loan Fund (UPCLF) is a Missouri public benefit corporation that is supervised and controlled by the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI). The UPCLF’s objective is to provide investment and financing solutions for UPCI churches, schools, colleges, and other affiliated organizations.

The UPCLF offers Investments Opportunities through Loan Fund Certificates IRAs and Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts. These investments enable UPCI affiliated institutions to finance the acquisition, development, construction, refinancing, expansion or renovation of buildings and facilities. The UPCLF generally makes loans only to UPCI affiliated churches and institutions located in the United States and Canada and our loans generally are secured by a first mortgage or deed of trust on the property being financed.

The UPCLF can also assist UPCI affiliated churches, organizations and institutions with obtaining Loans that enable them to carry out their building and financing needs.

Click here to read the full History in the UPCLF Offering Circular.