Stewardship Campaigns/Construction Management

Stewardship Campaigns and Construction Management are now available through a partnership with Stewardship Solutions. 

We are excited to offer UPCI churches the vital tools and management services they need to complete successful Stewardship Campaigns and construction oversight and management.

Stewardship Campaigns:

  • Create a path to launch your Building Fund or Debt Reduction Program
  • Professionally assist pastors to cast vision & promote better stewardship in their congregations
  • Aid in all areas of a professionally launched campaign (manuals, events, goals, timelines, & communications)
  • Identify the journey & challenge the body of Christ to participate in the journey


Construction Management Services:

  • Prepare a master plan & construction budget to avoid financial disaster
  • Professionally pre-plan & launch the construction project journey
  • Avoid the most common mistakes in church construction
  • Learn more about the dos & donts of congregation involvement


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