Abundant Life Church, Alabaster, AL

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Abundant Life Church in Alabaster, Alabama began in January 2006; meeting in the home of Pastor Tony and Pam Roberts. There were eight present for the first service and an Apostolic Church was born in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama.

The congregation grew quickly and soon a larger space was needed. The congregation moved into a storefront location in March 2006 and God continued to bless. By the Fall of 2008 the congregation had continued to grow and it was realized that a larger building would be needed. After much prayer and by a miracle of God, a building directly across the street from the storefront became available. In January 2009 the congregation of Abundant Life Church walked across the street and took possession of a fully furnished building that had previously been a church.

The vision of Abundant Life Church has always been to be a lighthouse and a place of safety for those hurting and needing a place of healing and deliverance. The people will not rest until every person in Alabaster and the surrounding area has heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result of hard work, intense planning and the blessings of God, the church continued to grow and reach the people of their community.

As the church grew and a financial history was established it was determined that perhaps it was time to explore other financing options and to prepare for future expansion opportunities that might become available.

In June of 2014 the Board of Trustees of Abundant Life Church decided to investigate re-financing options for the Church. The financial climate seemed favorable to securing a lower interest rate. One of these options included UPCI Loan Fund.

From the first contact with the Fund, until the final closing, the process was painless, smooth and very favorable. The employees of the Fund became trusted friends and felt like they were a part of the team.

In October 2014 the re-financing was completed and we were very pleased with the whole process. It was painless and the service received has been excellent. As a result of the lower interest rate the monthly payment has been reduced; thus allowing additional opportunities in the budget to achieve the goals and ministry opportunities presented to the congregation.

Abundant Life has grown to an average attendance of 71 and is currently exploring options for expansion. As the congregation continues to grow we are confident that UPCI Loan Fund will be partners with us and assist in moving the vision of Abundant Life Church forward.

-Pastor Tony Roberts

December 2014

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Pastor & Sister Roberts

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