United Pentecostal Church of Harvey, IL

The United Pentecostal Church of Harvey, Ilinois is excited to announce their new expansion is complete!

The new addition comes in at 10,000 square feet, and consists of a large open foyer area and a sanctuary which can seat up to 400 people!  In addition, it features a nursery, a green room, a cafe area, 2 new classrooms, a Children's Church area, additional restrooms, 3 new offices, a meeting room, and much needed storage space. 

The UPC of Harvey was recently featured in our January 2016 newsletter, which you can see here.

Last Updated: January 2016




Artist's drawing of their new church addition!

For more church information on The United Pentecostal Church of Harvey:

Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/harveyupc

Visit their website at http://www.harveyupc.org